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Thursday, October 28, 2010
Reported by Cat

Hi, my name is Cat and I'm here to tell you all about October 28, 2010. First, we had P.E. Everyone has to run 4 laps around the field. I did it in 13.00 minutes.

Next, we graded our spelling crossword puzzle and our Science Weekly. In our spelling crossword puzzle one of the hints was: what lives under the bed? The answer was monster. In our Science Weekly, we learned about earthquakes. The place where the earthquake starts is the epicenter.

After that was grammar. We made a study guide about direct objects. Then we toke the real test. To me it was really easy.

Following grammar was our writing prompt. We had to write about a memorable experience, good or bad. Mine was bad. I wrote about the one time that I was sick for a week.

Once that was done, we continued our Social Studies flow chart. A flow chart is a chart with different scenes and pictures on it.We learned that a group of Separatists called Pilgrims were unhappy with a law made by King James, so they went to Holland but they couldn't speak the language or find jobs. Mr. Coley then said, "Get your math books out and go to recess." So we did.

At recess, some of the parents came because it was "Bring Your Parents to School Day" in Red Ribbon Week. I hula hooped and drew on the ground with chalk with my best friend.

Upon returning from recess, Mr. Coley said, "We will not be having math today, due to our writing prompts, which are due tomorrow, so put your math books away and please get your science books out."In science, we learned about the parts of the large intestine and what it does and did an ILT (independent learning tool/worksheet) on the whole digestive system.

When we finished that, Mr. Coley read us more of Where the Red Fern Grows. Billy finally catches a ringtail (raccoon) to train his dogs. They become good at following the coon's scent so Billy takes the on their first hunt.

Next, it was lunchtime. Today I bought my lunch. They served hamburgers and Sunchips. It was good!!!!!!!!!!

When we came back, our class had a classroom spelling bee to see who would go to the school spelling bee. And the winners are.......................Alana and I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I was so, so surprised that I won because I am good at spelling but not really good.

When that was finished, Mr. Coley told us that he had burned 4 more Study Casts on CDs for 4 people to take home. Those people were.............................Ethan #6, Alana, Clarissa, and Matthew.

That's the end of the day. This is Cat, signing off, meow!!!!!!

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