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Tuesday, November 2, 2010
Reported by Jenny

The first thing we did was P.E. ,that's when we run four laps ; one mile. Afterwards we got in and pulled out our homework ,and Mr. Coley asked us to hold our homework from yesterday ,so he knows who did not do there homework. So next time we do Spelling we will check page 223, and when we go to math we will check math homework.

Then we did Reading, we are about to read a book called The Fear Place. Then we filled out our vocab sheet with nine words on it .On the sheet we have to put the definition and a picture of the word. Mr. Coley puts the word on the big screen and then he puts a sentence and the class guesses what it means, then he puts the meaning up. He asks us what we should draw then he gives us all kinds of ideas.

Next, we went to the computer lab. In the computer lab we did Fast Math, A.R. , and room 34 book blog. Alot of of people wrote new posts.

After that we came back from the computer lab, an did Social Studies. Mr. Coley read two pages out of our S.S. packet. Mr. Coley and the class wrote in our S.S. note book then we drew a picture to remind us of what happened. We did the same thing as the reading, we draw a picture but we don't write the definition.

After Social Studies we went to recess.

Afterwards we switched for math. I have Mrs. Becker. First, she wrote down fractions on the board and called me up to do the problem, then she called other students to figure out the rest of the problems. Then, she gave us a page out of the hard math book. Towards the end Mrs. Becker told 2 funny stories. Then, we had a long lunch.

We moved on to science. Mr. Coley asked us to get our notebooks and science books out. We copied what he put on the big screen. We are working on the human body.

Next we headed to the library. In the library we returned our books and some of us got new ones. After that we just read, it was very quiet

After going to the library we were dismissed

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