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Wednesday, November 3, 2010
Reported by Alana

Hello Students of Room 34! I am Alana your Roving Reporter for today.     

First, we sometimes do D.M.A. In D.M.A we do Language, Analogies, and a Geography question. The Language part is just fixing two sentences like “john do you now your ABC’S.” The mistakes were “John,”, now is supposed to be “know”, and a question mark at the end of the sentence. Analogies are like comparing for examples apple: fruit :: carrot: vegetable. The Geography part is just a world question like “Where is Death Valley located?” the answer is California. When we are done with our D.M.A we write down our homework in our minder binders, Mr. Coley’s way of saying Agenda, check our mailboxes, then sit down and read a book. Then we do the pledge right before we start correcting, Mr. Coley picks a teacher to correct, and then we start correcting.

Afterwards, we went into spelling. Mostly the only thing we did was correct our Monday and Tuesday’s homework. Monday’s homework was to sort each spelling word in the correct column. Tuesday’s homework was to read each clue and find which spelling word goes with each clue. We also got our Vocabulary page we did yesterday to get ready for reading.

Around 10, we moved onto reading. In reading we corrected our Vocab. page which was take our vocabulary words and find synonyms (same) and antonyms (opposite) for each word. After we finished correcting our page we moved on to the story we are reading. The story is called The Fear Place. In the story there is a boy named Doug Grillo who is left alone in a desert full of mountains. So Doug tries to go and find his brother, Gordon, who is camping on the mountains and tries to face his fear of heights. After we were done with reading we got our math books out for math rotations. We went to recess at 11:15.

When recess was over, we went straight into our math classes. I am in Ms. Martinez’s math class, so I am not sure what the math classes taught. Well, for our math class we reviewed for our quiz. She wrote two problems on the board, picked two volunteers, and they put their answer up on the board. After we reviewed on our own, she passed out the quiz we started it. Almost everything we do is read when we are done, so we read our books. Ms. Martinez took our quizzes, told us to write down our homework, push our chairs in, clean the floor and leave. And After math class we go to lunch.

Lunch is now over, so the next thing on the agenda was Peacemakers. In Peacemakers we played a few games. The first game we played was Noah’s Ark. What we do in Noah’s Ark is we pick a random card out of a red bag and whatever animal we get we make the sound of the animal not the name the sound. Then we would try to find other people who are making the same noise as us. There was one though who didn’t have a group and that was the duck group. Then we played 2 more fun games. The bell rang during the last game so we quickly ran back to our classroom, went inside, and started packing up.

Thank You for reading my blog!

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