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Thursday, November 4, 2010
Reported by Megan

Hi my name is Megan and this is what happened today. First, in the morning, we went out for P.E. and did our stretches so we could run. I was catching up to Taylyn, my friend, so we could do exercises. Afterwards we lined up to run 1 mile which was equal to 4 laps around our field. My time was 9 mins. and 24 seconds, which to me was a really good time, but not as good as my best time.

After P.E., we went inside to correct our spelling, I got every single one right. When we were done, we checked Science Weekly next. I did well on it, but I am not sure yet because I did not check it out yet.

Right after that we looked over pg. 101 and 102. It was great because I did really well. After we shared our work, I got to read my book, it was an old classic.

When Mr. Coley passed out our social studies test I was so ready for it. After awhile, I started to read again.

When we came after recess to grab our math stuff. My math class was doing a practice test. Then the bell rang and it was time to go to lunch. After lunch we did science and for work we did a crossword puzzle. Right after that the bell rang so I packed up my stuff, and left the classroom.

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