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Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Reported by Ethan #6

Hi, my name is Ethan #6, and I’m going to be your Roving Reporter for today.  When I got to school today, I was chatting with some of my friends from Mr. Henning’s class.  While I was talking I heard the bell ring, so I ran to my classroom, picked up my backpack, and walked inside to begin the day.

Once I sat down, I got my journal out, and started my DMA.  The DMA today was about Miss Rosa Parks.  When everyone finished, we corrected it.  I did pretty well (I got minus two).

Next, we were about to take a vocabulary and a grammar quiz, but before we did that we took our grammar study guide.  Then we took our quizzes because we didn’t need a study guide for the vocabulary quiz.  When that was done, we went to our next subject, art.

In art, we continued our M.C. Escher project.  Today we finally started tracing our creations onto the paper.  When done, you got to sharpie them and think about what your design was going to be.  A lot of people even started coloring.

Then, we moved into math.  In math we started out by doing math cards.  Math cards are these little index cards that have a math problem on them.  If one person gets one wrong, it messes up the whole order, and you have to end it and you don’t get a time on how fast you get through them.   Then we corrected our homework and played math tiles.  Math tiles is a game where you have ten tiles numbered 1-9, and then you put them in order using clues (Using all the tiles, arrange them so that they all have the same sum in all directions).

When everybody got back to room 34, Mr. Coley read some more of Where the Red Fern Grows.  We are at the part were Little Ann gets stuck in the icy cold river where if she lets go she will die in the deep river.  Sorry, but I shouldn’t tell you what happens.

When that was over, we did Wednesday business.  Usually it’s Friday business, but since we had a short week it wasn’t.  Alex S. won the Weekly Homophone Challenge, so he got to play Deal or No Deal.  He achieved this year’s class record of $374,000.

Finally, we had our Paper Clip Free Play.  Since we got the paper clips to the bottom of the white board we were rewarded with 30 minutes of extra time to play outside.  Today, we got our wish, and the whole class played dodge ball.

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