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Monday, November 15, 2010
Reported by Clarissa

Hi, my name is Clarissa, and as usual we mostly start with our D.M.A. For D.M.A we are still talking about Rosa Parks. Parks was the one who made a fair law for African Americans and white to sit anywhere I think that is fair. After we were done with that we corrected our paper I only missed 3.

Next, is spelling my best subject. For spelling we did a bit of easy words, but these spelling words have “ing” or “ed” at the end. The good thing is I only missed 1, but the challenge words were a bit hard.

Once that was done, it was reading time. Today in reading we will be starting a new vocab page for Mae Jemison Space Scientist. We were doing words like astronaut, launch, and space shuttle.

When that was over, Mr. Coley did some reading of Where the Red Fern Grows. We were in a great part where a boy tells him he will give him 2$ if he catches a ghost coon that’s what everybody calls it.

Finally, it was time for math I love math my teacher is Mr. Henning he is awesome. For math we are adding and subtracting fractions I think they are really easy I got 100% on my last test. Plus we did a lot more stuff which I can’t really explain.

Upon returning to class, it was science. For science we will be correcting our Respiratory System page Chapter3 – lesson 3.Once we were done I only missed one which I was really close to 100%.

Now, we don’t have a whole time for a whole lesson of science because it is almost time to go, and it is a minimum day which we get out at 12:10. So we read more of Where the Red Fern Grows. I like this book because it is so exiting and adventures. “RING RING” finally time to go! So I rushed out the door and left.

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