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Tuesday, November 16, 2010
Reported by Mason

Today we started out our regular Tuesday morning. Mr. Coley greeted us, told us to get outside, and nicely told us to do our ankles. (A type of stretch) Then he said, “Line up!” So we lined and for our mile run. Today my goal was to get under 10 minutes. I did so but was disappointed because of my time. My time was 9:07, my worse time! I was with my friend, Conner during the run.

Next for our Tuesday agenda was reading, my favorite! Today in reading we read, Moe Jameson. It’s biography about the first African American to travel in space! Today we read half of our story. We read about the part when she has earned over three degrees and is the leader of many associations and companies.

Finally what I’ve been waiting for…… The Assembly! Today our assembly was on saving water. A guy came in our MPR and did some funny tricks, you would really only see in a circus. At first I thought this guy was crazy but he was actually smart. He talked about saving water and how our waste go into our rivers. Did you know that only 3% of the earths water is fresh! The man also told us about a weird shower called a navy shower. The navy shower is a type of shower when you get all wet, turn off the water, and then wash. Then you get all wet and wash off weird huh?

When that was over we went into science! Today we learned about or new system! The circulatory system! We learned that carbon dioxide goes inside part of your heart, and then goes in a tube, into your lungs, drops of carbon dioxide, and then takes the oxygen to your heart!

Then we went to recess! I played wall ball with my friend, Conner. Luckily we were able to get a ball!

When that was over, we went into Social Studies! We were talking about a man that was governor of a colony that believed in Christian life. They wanted their town to be an example for others. And anyone who did now believed in their ways was unwelcome. Then with the last five minutes out teacher announced the quiet seat! Unfortunately the quiet seat was not quiet…. With that said our teacher said goodbye, after that we were out of school!

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