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Thursday, November 18, 2010
Reported by Sheyenne

Today is fun day. When I arrived to school Mr. Coley said Good Morning and told us to put all of our games on the back table. Then we went to sit at our desks and Mr. Coley told us to hold our homework up so that he can check it.

The classroom became very loud.  Mr. Coley asked everyone to quiet down. Then we got to play our games with our friends.  I played Monopoly Deal with my friends. While we were playing Mr. Coley said Boggle. Which means time to play another game? I played Sorry and then I played Chess.

Mrs. Becker told us a little story about how the third graders were happy because kids said nice things to them about their Indian projects. Then we began to work on our math homework. She said, what is not finished in class it would be homework. But, I was happy because I finished my work in class. Math was over and it was time to go back to Mr. Coley’s class.

In Mr. Coley’s class he asked us to take out our Science Weekly and The Circular System chapter 3 lesson 4 vocabulary.  We corrected all our work.

Our day was short and fun.  This is your roving reported Sheyenne Adams reporting our class news!

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