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Friday, November 19, 2010
Reported by Alex T.

It was a cold, cloudy morning when I came to school this morning. I walked to the classroom. There, I saw my friends. We talked a little bit, and then the bell rang. We all lined up, and Mr. Coley came walking between the lines and opening the door. There he said to put our backpacks down and come back to line up for Friday Flag. We followed Mr. Coley until we were at the Friday Flag area. We waited as the classes came. Finally, Friday Flag began. Today’s Friday Flag was a usual Friday Flag. They talked about the Birthday Book Club and Thanksgiving Break. Mrs. Lockwood announced our spirit flags to the two classes. At the end of Friday Flag, Mr. Fanning, a third grade teacher, sang a song for us. After that, we went back to class, and Mr. Coley told us to take out our homework and go check our box. Then we checked if we did our homework. We passed in the spelling and the AR assessment sheet, and put our math homework away. Then we got ready for spelling.

Next up on our agenda was spelling. Paper monitors passed out the papers while the rest of us got out our white tray. After the third word, the three people who were in the Turkey Trot went to Mr. Henning’s classroom, because Mr. Henning was going to drive them there. We kept going on for our spelling once they left. When we finished, we passed it in, and got out our Lit. Circle things.

Once that was done, we went on to Lit. Circle. Before we got into our groups, we wrote down the things in our Assignment sheet. We filled in the Date, the Next Mtg. Date, and the Job for Next Mtg. After that was finished, we headed into our groups. Also, the Pink Group got to sit in the bean bags today. In our groups, we Discussion Director went first. Next was Word Finder, which was me. Then Connector went, and after that was Correspondent. The last job that was to be discussed was Illustrator. The Discussion Director and Word Finder choose three of their favorite questions or words. My group, the Purple Group, turned in their jobs in to me because I’m the new Discussion Director. Then I went to get the new jobs, passed them out, and decided how much should we read. Once that was done, we read. Then Mr. Coley said, “Guys, I need you to go back to your desk.” We did as we were told, and listened to what Mr. Coley had to say. We put our Lit. Circle book and folder away, and got ready for art.

When that was over, it was time for art! Mr. Coley passed out our tessellations we were working on before. We did a quick review before we started to work on our art again. Today, most people finished their tessellations, but a few didn’t finish though. Mr. Coley said to name our tessellations like artists do. When it was about fifteen minutes away from recess, Mr. Coley read more of Where The Red Ferns Grow. Everyone that was reading put their books away and listened to Mr. Coley as he read. The people who were still working on their tessellations kept working. On the agenda, there was math on it, but we didn’t do math today because Mr. Henning wasn’t there. In Where The Red Ferns Grow, Billy was at his grandpa’s store. His grandpa was telling him about the championship coon hunt. Billy said yes that he would go. Billy went back home with a quarter sack bag filled with candy. Billy told his family about the championship coon hunt and asked his father to come with him. His father said he couldn’t because all of the work he still had to do. Billy’s mom said there wasn’t much work to be done here. Billy’s dad was talking about her and his daughters. She said they would be fine and go with Billy. Billy’s dad said he would go. Billy and his dad worked as hard as they can for Mama and his sisters. When the bell rang, it was time for recess. Anyone who finished while Mr. Coley was reading gave their tessellations to him, and the class went out to recess.

After recess, it was time for Mr. Coley to open the Coley Cash Store! Before he opened it, the three people who were at the turkey trot finished their spelling. Once the spelling was done, Mr. Coley showed us the items in the store. The class screamed, “Oh my gosh!” or, “I want that!” The people who had the most money came up first. Ethan C. and I went up first. I got the big five pounder licorice bucket while Ethan C. got the bag of licorice. Everyone got to buy something from the store. There wasn’t time to do the Weekly Homophone Challenge, but we announced the winner though. The winner was Cat! Congratulations Cat! Also the Student of the Week was Sheyenne! Mr. Coley didn’t do a Quiet seat today. At the end of the day, I gave one licorice to everyone who wanted one. Almost everyone in my Mr. Coley’s class left with one licorice.

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