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Monday, November 29, 2010
Reported by Andrea

Hi, my name is Andrea. Today, November 29,2010, I am your Roving Reporter for Mr. Coley's class. I will be telling you what exiting things we did in our class today.

The first thing I did was D.M.A, daily morning activity. At first it didn't look so hard, but then when I got toward the bottom it seem much harder. The analogies were a bit harder than the geography question. Today's geography question was : Witch states border Idaho? The answer is, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana, Washington, Utah, and Oregon.

After that subject, we took a spelling pre test. At first the words seemed pretty until I got to number six. I didn't enough right to be required for the challenge words.

Then Mr. Coley had to get a sub. ,because he had a really bad cold. He told us what to do when he was gone .Then Mrs. Nelson, our sub. came in the door she looked very nice and she was. We took our social studies book out, got up, and chose a partner. My partner's name was Taylyn. We had to do the rest of the lesson Mr. Coley was reading about last week before we went to Thanksgiving vacation. WE did the rest , but it was a bit hard. Then I got my Science Weekly out and started working on it. I only got to finish to words for the crossword puzzle. Then we all got ready to go to recess. 

I didn't have any snack so I just played tether ball. I got a little bored so I went with my friends to talk. One of my friends were trying to make a dent in the floor by throwing a rock on the floor. I thought it was impossible , but he did make a dent in the floor. I stated to laugh. Then the bell rang so we had to go to our line .

It was finally time for math! I past out some whiteboards to our row and sat down. Mrs. Nelson past out some math cards and we read our cards. Ryan, the boy who sits next to me, and I had to share cards. Our card: I have 14. Who has the product of 5 and 5. Of course the answer was 25. After that we checked our weekly challenge from last week. It was a bit hard but then it got really easy. I got really lucky I got it on the first try. Then Mrs. Nelson past out our weekly challenge for this week. IT seemed hard at first sight but really wasn't that hard. I then got the answer but my show was really messy. then she said to put them away and to take out our homework from last week so we can correct it. Out of 13 questions I got 1 wrong. After that, we played who wants to win 3 pieces of licorice. The questions were really easy and no one got one wrong. We only got to chose 4 people today because they always risked it so they can get more candy and I wasn't one of them. but, then there was an end to math but on the way out everyone got a free licorice but not for the people who got to go up so I got a licorice. Then I got my lunch and headed out the door.

It was finally time for lunch. My lunch wasn't that bad or that good. My peanut butter sandwich was good but my juice was weird. I couldn't drink my juice so I bit it and it worked and also it tasted like grape wine.(I never tasted wine but thatís how I think it taste like.) Then the bell rang so I went so I got up and went with my friends. We were waiting for Mrs. Strauss, our music teacher, so we can help her fix the room. Later after we helped her fix the room we went back to our class rooms.  

Later we went back to our class and started packing up because it was a we had to go home early. before we left we played a vocabulary game. We had to guess what some words meant. But, I never got chose so I didn't get one licorice. Thatís your Roving Reporter and room 34 did today.

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