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Tuesday, November 30, 2010
Reported by Trevor

Good day, once again a great school day. Hi my name is Trevor and this is my third turn as roving reporter…..

Sadly, Mr. Coley was ill today so we had a sub.  When Mr. Coley is out of class, our sub is usually his mother, Mrs. Coley.  Mr. Coley, get well soon!!

The first thing we did today was PE.  During PE we ran 4 laps which equal a mile.  The whole 5th grade gets tested at the end of the year so we have to run practice laps.  After that we took out our Homework. For home work we had a practice book page. And whatever we had for math.  We first corrected our practice book page with a pen. After we did so we looked at the back side which then becomes our home work for tonight. After that we left for computer lab. Today at computer lab we took a test on the book Mea Jemison; Space Scientist. I missed one answer which means 90 percent which equals and A!

After computer lab we went out side for snack. During our free time I spent most of my time at the tables under the shade. Although it was cold today the sun still glared at us.  Once snack time is over, we head for math class.  At math class today we worked more on our first stage Algebra.  Today we learned how to make Algebraic Expressions out of word problems.  Example: (N=4) N² + 16 - 4 = 28.  Time for lunch *bell rings*

Once our bellies were full with nutritious cafeteria food, we went to Science class.  We are currently studying the Excretory System.  The Excretory system escorts waste from the body.  Example: Kidneys, if the kidneys stop working waste clogs up your system. When kidneys stop working waste builds up in dangers numbers. 

Our Library day is on Tuesday and we are able to look at the books while in the library and pick a book to check out and take home.   I renewed Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Sea of Monsters.  Book #2 in the Lighting Thief series. 

Thank you for joining our class today, Tuesday, November 30, 2010.  Hope you have a great evening!!  *beep* *beep* *beep*  ….  *fades to black*

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