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Wednesday, December 1, 2010
Reported by Alex S.

Hi, my name is Alex, and I’m the Roving Reporter for the first day of December.

In the morning, I walked inside room 34. I sat down at my desk and pulled my stuff out of my backpack and I’d  take my homework folder out.

The first thing we did in class is D.M.A. As usual we do five questions. Two sentences, two analogies and a geography question. Today’s questions were easy. Especially the analogies. One of the analogies were, man : woman :: boy : girl. The geography question was, what state is west of New Hampshire and east of New York? The answer was Vermont. After about 20 minutes, we corrected our D.M.A.

After D.M.A, we corrected our spelling homework. The assignment was to find the word with the base word listed. Ex: soft softness. After correcting, we played a spelling game called buzz. Buzz is a game like a spelling bee but instead of spelling the whole word you say the letters. Each round has a buzz letter. A buzz letter is a letter you can’t have say. Instead you say buzz! At the end the winners got airheads.

Next subject was reading. During reading, we took a grammar quiz and we reviewed for our theme test tomorrow. We were learning about past, present, and future tense. We learned that you need to put the word “will” in a future tense sentence. Later, Mrs. Coley showed us a linking, main, and helping verbs powerpoint. It showed that verbs don’t always show actions. Linking verbs are verbs that shorter than regular verbs. Some examples are am and be. We also learned about direct objects, predict nouns and predict adjectives. A direct object is who or whom. Ex: The boy kicked the ball. What did the boy kick? The ball. Predict noun and adjective are nouns and adjectives in the predict part of a sentence.

After that, we did a couple answers in our social studies packet. Then it was recess, so I went to play with my friends Matthew and Joseph.

After recess, it was math time. So I went to Mr. Henning, my math teacher’s, classroom. Today Mr. Henning showed us how to add fractions with variables. We also did three word problems from our text book. Then, Mr. Henning announced it was time to take a chapter 8 quiz. The quiz was a piece of cake because I studied so hard my head felt like it would explode! Finally, math was over and it was time for lunch.

For lunch, my mom sent me pizza bagels. YUM! Then, I walked around with my friend Joseph.

Now it was time for science. In science we’re learning about the Excretory System. Today we did the chapter three, lesson five crossword ILT. There were nine questions.

At 2:20, Mrs. Coley decided to end the day with a game of 20 clues. The people on my team were Ethan #9 and Ethan C. #7. The first clue for the first item was: I am white. Once we got to the third clue Marcus’ team guessed teeth, the correct answer. My team got a correct answer right too. We guessed book for an answer because two clues were “you can write a report on me” and, “I’m made of paper”. Finally, Mrs. Coley told us to pack up and get ready to go home. When the bell rang, Mrs. Coley dismissed us to go home and that was the end of my school day.

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