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Thursday, December 2, 2010
Reported by Maia

Hello, my name is Maia and I am the roving reporter. It was a bright chilly morning and guess what? Mr. Coley was back! So everybody said “Hi.” Then Mr. Coley said “Drop your backpacks off and come back out.” So that was what we did.  He said that because we are going to run. Next, we went on the grass and did some stretches. And that took about five to ten minutes. Then Mr. Henning decided not to run and instead play “trees.” So Mr. Henning separated the boys and the girls. The girls went with Mrs. Martinez and the boys with Mr. Coley and Mr. Henning. I didn’t know what trees are, but when I played it, I got the hang of it. When we were done, everybody went back to their classroom. When we went inside our classroom, we all took our homework out from last night. It was spelling crossword puzzle, science weekly, and our math. Then he told us to hold up your spelling crossword puzzle then our science weekly and then our math. Now Mr. Coley told us to put our math away and to keep our science weekly and spelling crossword puzzle out. Now it was time for spelling.

In spelling, we went over our spelling crossword puzzle and I got nothing wrong. So now we have to pass it in. Then we moved on to our science weekly and the science weekly was about oceans. I got none wrong again. Now we have to pass it in again.

Now it was time for reading.  In reading we did a theme test. Before we all started the test, Mr. Coley reviewed it with us and then we could start. When we started it was silent.  Once I was done I read ‘Fearless’. Then once everybody else was done we passed in the answer sheet first and then the packet second. Now it was time for Social Studies. So let’s move on!

In Social Studies, we took out our text book and our chapter five ‘The New England Colonies’. Then we learned about lesson two ‘Life in New England’. We learned about school. We talked about what happens if the students have bad behavior or give the wrong answers.  They will be punished. The teachers were very strict. Then Mr. Coley read us a book about Social Studies, but I don’t know what it is called. Then Mr. Coley went back to the packet and we filled in the blanks. Now it’s finally time for recess and that’s what I have been waiting for! But before we go outside we have to get our Math books out. Then we could go to recess!

At recess, I saw my friend, Emily, and we talked about going to her house. Then we just walked around. Once the bell rang we said bye to each other. Then I go to my line. My line is on the right and that line was even. Now it is time for Math. (My favorite subject)

In my Math class, Mrs. Martinez, we corrected our homework and gave our math test to her. Once we were done correcting, she told us to open our Math work book to the first page and rip it out. Then we did some Math problems on white boards. We did five or seven problems. Then she told us to write down the homework and go leave. And I said bye.

Next is lunch. In lunch I only had a peanut butter and chocolate chips inside. Then I talked to my friend again which was Emily. Then we talked about Sushi. Once the bell rang for the fourth graders it was the fifth graders turn to play. So we raised our hands and they dismissed us. I walked around with Emily and I played tetherball. Then the bell rang so we had to say good bye. And I went to my line. Then when Mr. Coley came, we went inside the classroom.

When we went in the classroom he told us to SSR. Ssr means super silent reading. So that’s what we did. I was reading the book ‘Fearless’. It was all quiet when we started reading. We were reading for fifteen to twenty minutes.

Last is science.  In science, Mr. Coley said you guys did an awesome job when I was gone. So instead we watched Bill Nye The Science Guy. And he talked about the circulatory system. And we watched it until it was five minutes before the bell rang. Then, Mr. Coley said the quiet seat was ...Adrian.  Once again my name is Maia the sushi lover and the roving reporter. Bye Bye!

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