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Friday, December 3, 2010
Reported by Natalie

Hello, my name is Natalie. Today I am Roving Reporter. I am going to tell you about what we did and learned in class today.

First, we had to go to Friday Flag since it was Friday. They were talking about how next week we have the holiday gift shop. They also pulled shark bites. Shark bites are pieces of paper that have all of the pillars of character, and you mark which pillar you were, write your name, and your teacher will put it in the box with all of the shark bites. Mr. Fanning also came up to sing a song. Since it is almost Christmas, he sang Jingle Bells. Then, we went back to our classroom, got out our homework, and held it up so Mr. Coley can see that we did it.

Next, we needed to take our spelling test. We had to number our paper 1-20, and if you are required for our challenge words, you have to do them. We had words like closeness and lately. We had challenge words like contentment and suspiciously. Then, we had to turn in our spelling test.

Then, we had to continue with our theme test. Yesterday, we did half of it, but today we had to finish it. Then, Mr. Coley passed out our theme tests, told us about what we are doing, and then we started. First, we had to do reading comprehension, and one of our our stories was called Clementine Hunter, Artist. Soon after, almost everyone was finished, and Mr. Coley came around with a stapler and stapled our theme test to our answer sheet.

After our theme test, we did Lit. Circles. My group is the pink group. My job was Discussion Director. Discussion Director asks questions about the book your group is reading. My group is reading Tunnels. We got into our groups and talked about our books. When we were done, we were allowed to read our books

At 10:15 a.m, we left to go to the award assembly for fifth grade. I got two awards and so did many other people. The whole thing lasted forty-five minutes. When we got back to the classroom, we had to get out our math, and then we were allowed to go to recess.

After recess was over, it was time for math switch. I am in Mr. Coley's math class. Mr. Coley told us to hold up our homework. Then, it was time for the math cards. It has what your number is and a question to the next number. For example, I have 23. Who has two less than the product of six and five and so on. Today we beat the all time record on how fast we can do the cards! The record before was 1:44 seconds, and we got 1:34 seconds. Then we graded our Weekly Challenge. We also had more homework, so then we graded our other homework. It was on multiplying mixed fractions. For example, our first question was 1 5/6 x 1/3 which equals 11/18. Then, we did a game called tile math. Tile math is where Mr. Coley gives us little tiles with the numbers 0-9. Then, Mr. Coley gives us a few clues to get to a one, two, or three digit number until all of the tiles are gone. For example, one clue is two more than two quarters so then we put 5 and 2 next to each other, so you can't use them again. After we did a few of those, we made our own. Mr. Coley gave each of us a piece of paper to make it. I just put the tiles in random order. We did not have enough time to finish, so Mr. Coley said, "Bring them back on Monday, so we can finish." Then our homeroom class came in and it was time for lunch.

When lunch was over, we did Friday Business which is doing Deal or No Deal and Student of the Week. This week, Sam is student of the week and Taylyn got to do Deal or No Deal. Last week, we did not have time to do Deal or No Deal, so this week two people did Deal or No Deal. Cat was from last week, and Sheyenne was Student of the Week last week, so Sheyenne got to open the cases. Sadly, Cat only got one piece of Licorice. When Taylyn did it, she beat the record of getting the most this year. She got eleven pieces of Licorice! After that, we cleaned the floor, and we were going out to play Nation Ball with Mr. Henning's class, but first, Mr. Coley said who was the Quiet Seat. Surprisingly, I was the Quiet Seat! So then, we went out to play Nation Ball.

That is what we did today. Bye.

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