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Wednesday, December 8, 2010
Reported by Emma

Hello, my name is Emma, and I was Roving Reporter for the day. It started out like any other awesome day, we came in, got out our homework, our journals and began D.M.A. As usual there were 2 language art sentences, 2 analogies and 1 geography question. When people were finished they would write down their homework, get up and check their mailboxes. After about 30 minutes we had started correcting our D.M.A. and homework. A couple minutes later we talked about our class party next Friday.

When we finished talking about our party,we quickly graded our spelling homework and moved on to Coley Cast.

Before we got into our groups, Mr. Coley explained to us our Coley Cast jobs and went over the guidelines.  Everyone got into their groups and began talking. My group, Natalie, Jo Jo and I, discussed the Circulatory system. We went over what we were going to have the speaker, Natalie, say. The time flew by and we were already on to Social Studies.

In Social Studies,we started off with grading our homework. We reviewed stuff like what a cooper made and what the town crier does. After that we went into our note packets and began going over what we wrote down. Then we added more information into our packets. We still had a lot of time left so we read Where the Red Fern Grows. But just when we were getting to a good part we had to go to recess.

Upon our return to class we had to leave for math just like any other day. Few people stayed because it was their math class, and I was one of those lucky people. When everyone entered, it was time for math cards. We messed up and sadly like always never got a second chance. Afterwards,Mr. Coley helped us correct our homework, and after we worked on dividing mixed numbers. He said'' What you do is you make the mixed number an improper fraction and do the same to the other mixed number, then you multiply instead of divide. After that,you switch the number you are dividing by and then see if you can cross cancel. If you can't, multiply and you will get the answer.'' We started on our homework but had to return to our regular classes soon after. We went to lunch when our class returned.

After returning from lunch Mr. Coley passed out our science test, and stressed that we need to go slow. A little after going over a quick review we began to take the test. When some people were finished they would get out their silent reading books and read.The time went by so quickly we went back to reading Where the Red Fern Grows. Right after that the great school day ended.

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