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Friday, December 10, 2010
Reported by Marcus

On this late Fall Friday it was a perfect day.  The temperature during the day was in the high seventies.  I came to school in my Dad’s car, a silver 2000 Mazda.  The school bell rang at the playground at about 8:19 so we could get to class on time.  Mr. Coley wasn’t there today so our sub, his mom, Mrs. Coley was there instead.  Mr. Coley was at a meeting for the district to discuss something.  Mrs. Coley told us to drop our backpacks off inside the classroom so we could line up and walk to Friday Flag.

We went to Friday Flag, which is a weekly ceremony at Tovashal.  When we came back to class, Mrs. Coley asked to check that we had our homework.  Our homework was to get our theme test signed by our parents and to complete our practice spelling test or to write each word three times each.  We also had our literature circle job and our math.  For our math we had the weekly math challenge and the review ILT for our test today.  ILT stands for Independent Learning Tool.   Our literature job is a job we have every week and turn it in the next Friday.  We then corrected our homework from the day before which was our math, our spelling, our theme test, and our math. 

Right after, that we did our spelling test on our spelling list lesson 15.  Next on the agenda was literature circles jobs. My job was Discussion Director.  When we finished doing our literature circle jobs, we listened to a social studies study cast for our test next week on Wednesday.  Right before break, we did a game called Boggle.  Boggle is a game where you try and spell words and get points for how long they are.  Ryan, Alana and Andrea were the winners and won one airhead each for getting the most points over the other students. 

For recess I played a game of basketball with a friend.  His name was Matthew. After recess we came back in the classroom and got our belongings to get ready for math class.  We either stayed inside if we were in Mr. Coley’s math class or left to go to our respective math teachers in other classrooms.  I stayed in Mr. Coley’s class.  The first thing that we did was math cards and by completing it in less than 2 minutes and 48 seconds we beat the record and set a new one.  Our time was 2 minutes 39 seconds for the new record!  We, the class and Mrs. Coley corrected our weekly challenge and our review ILT.  Shortly after that we took the math quiz/test.  We did our Tile Math that we had made on Thursday.  When math ended we went to lunch.

During lunch I played kickball basketball with some friends of mine.  Some of my friends named were Ryan, Lucas, Trevor, Noah and Kyle.

After lunch we came back in the classroom, got our books out and started reading for ten minutes.  Jonathan G. was the student of the week and was the person that assigned to do the clicking on the Weekly Homophone Challenge.  Megan was the winner of the Weekly Homophone Challenge but only earned one piece of licorice since she didn’t get over $50,000.   

For PE we did dodge ball.  Dodge ball is a game where you try and hit the people on the other team until there is none left with a soft squishy ball.  But if you hit a person in the head then you’re out.

Well that’s all for today and this is Marcus your roving reporter of the day.

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