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Thursday, December 16, 2010
Reported by Ryan

Today it was a cloudy morning at school. It was wet with lots of puddles. Hi, my name is Ryan and I will be going over todayís activities with my class. We went to the multipurpose room because it was too wet to play on the playground.

To start it off, we checked if we had all our homework. Our homework was a spelling crossword puzzle and a Science Weekly, which we had three days to do. Mr. Coley said, ďGive yourself two dollars in Coley Cash if you had your name, number and date in the upper right hand corner for your spelling. In addition, P.E. was rained out, so we didnít run today.

In D.M.A., we corrected sentences, did analogies and a geography question. A sample sentence corrected was, Soon, the farmer was very rich, and he began to get greedy. It was a surprise quiz grade was today! We all turned our notebooks in to Mr. Coley.

Afterwards, we corrected our homework. First, we corrected our spelling crossword puzzle. Our teacher, Mr. Coley, called on people for the answers to the questions. Once we finished, we added up all the mistakes. I had zero. Next, we did our Science Weekly. It is a thing where we have three days to find the answers on the newspaper Mr. Coley bought for us. We highlight where we found the answers just to make sure we donít cheat. Again, our teacher called on people for where they highlighted it and the answer.

After that, WE corrected our science I.L.T. (independent learning tool). It was short. After, we listened to the Coleycast that some people made. I was one of them. It was on a Social Studies unit. I talked about Jamestown along with four other speakers. Trevor was the host; Maia talked about Henry Hudson, Connor with Roanoke and Ethan with joke time about pilgrims, turkeys etc.

Then the fun time came! We were going to watch a movie, Where the Red Fern Grows!!! Itís about a boy and his two dogs going on hunts together. Then, his grandpa heard about a championship coon hunt. He asked Billy if he wanted to enter. He entered. The first night he qualified into the finals. In the middle of the finals, a big storm hit right when they treed three coons! They were missing Grandpa!! Billy told his dogs to find Grandpa and forget the hunt. Find him they did. They took him back to the camp. The man who won gave the money and the trophy to Billy. Soon after, the dogs treed a cougar. Old Dan was lashed at and was hit. He died in front of Billy. Two days later, Little Ann drug herself over to Old Danís Grave, and she died on the spot. He buried both of the dogs. Before he moved, he took one last look at them. He was surprised when he saw a red fern. It means that place is sacred forever. Following that, we did a worksheet on what was similar and different from the book or movie.

At recess, it was too wet to play again, so we walked to the multipurpose room. We watched a movie called Aladdin. You probably know that movie. I spent my free time reading, while others talked, watched the movie or played hand- games. Then the bell rang.

Upon returning to class, we went over our sheets for the movie. In addition, we prepared for Bingo tomorrow. We created the board by drawling holiday items in the boxes. Our number was chosen and we picked which item we wanted to draw. Some people drew two pictures. Then, Mr. Coley would print more and make enough copies. Afterwards, Mr. Coley needed to write the name of the person who created the art under the picture. Before our teacher told them to say their name, people would yell, ďMine! Mine!Ē  Then Mr. Coley Read aloud, Mystery of the Vanishing Creatures. A new boy joined the science club. He is shy but also smart. After the bell rang, Chantalís turtle went missing! Katelyn thought it was Pablo because he plays jokes on everyone. She asked him. He was surprised she thought he did it. He said, ďNo, I didnít do it.Ē

Next, we ate lunch. I was starving!! We ate with our friends and talked. When we were playing, we played Nationball. It was Ms. Becker and Martinezís class against Mr. Coleyís and Henningís class. It was a battle. The bell rang after a fun game of Nationball.

Following lunch, we silent read. Again, I read my book, Magyk. Some people did Literature Circles jobs. Mr. Coley recorded people for Coleycast number 50. Thatís a lot of Coleycasts!! The art time came. We did pin art! Some people finished four pin arts. If you donít know what it is, it is very fun. There are dots and with a pin, you poke holes on the dots. Then, you put it up to the sunlight and taadaa you see the shape you made!!!

Following that, we announced the Quiet Seat. Mr. Coley gave clues to who it was. It ended up being Elaina!! Enjoy that Airhead [the prize she received]!! I look forward to writing another Roving Reporter. See you next time!! Bye.

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