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    We hadnít even left the ship when we saw a mountain range.  It was soClick to view a larger version. long and so big they cast shadows all along the coast. We named the range The King Coley Mountains after our wonderful king who let us have our charter.  The biggest mountain we named Ethanís point, after one of our lieutenant governors.

    Coming off Ethanís point was a huge river coming from a mountain spring.  We named it the Alexandra River, after our governor. This river later split in two and we named the smaller river Natís Stream.  

    On one side of the river there was a forest.  The trees that were there were Sassafras trees.  They were over forty feet tall and we found out that we could chew on the branches!

    As we were exploring our territory that we claimed, we came upon a giant boulder.  When we looked at it we noticed that the top of it was flat from erosion. We later named it table rock because the top of it actually looked like a table.

By Conner, Johny, Marcus, and Ethan #7

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