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    Our adventure begins with the reign of King Henning. He was very nice and kind.  After a decade of being king, he died.  Then, King John, a very mean and strict king, took over.  Three months later, he disappeared because there were too many complaints.  He got mad and no one ever saw him again.  The next king was King Coley.  He was willing to grant us a charter to try and make money and religious freedom.  We had two ships called the April Flower and the Money Maker.  We got them from a well-dressed rich man who made a deal with us.  If we got to have his ships, he could come on the trip to the New World.

    We left on the April Flower and the Money Maker on April 5, 1754.  For one month we had good weather.  Then, a storm kicked in on May 1, 1754.  During the storm, three people went overboard.  One drowned and the other two were saved.  The storm blew us off course and we landed about a month later than planned.  We landed on August 14, 1754.  We wanted to land near Chesapeake Bay, but the storm blew us south so we landed in present day North Carolina, South Carolina, and northern Georgia.

    Before we got off the ship, we made three main laws.  1st law: We have to make peace with the Indians. 2nd law: No slaves.  3rd law: Have to pay workers a minimum of $2.50 and a maximum $5 per month.

    The Indians showed us how to fish, so we were okay for the winter.  Before the winter, some of the Indians were going to find a place to plant a sassafras tree.  They found us harvesting our crops in the middle of September.  They saw how little we had for the winter and were willing to give us more fish.

    We survived the winter okay, and during the next few years, we saw a bunch of fox squirrels, indigo buntings, sassafras trees, and purple violets.  Many, many years later, we knew the maker of the delicious M&Mís and he didnít know what to call the little chocolate candies.  We suggested the name M&Mís after our ship the Money Maker.

By Alex T., Natalie, and Ethan #6

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