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The Puritan Post
Student-Written Newspaper Articles About Puritan Life in the New England Colonies

An Enhanced Podcast
Posted March 8, 2007

During our unit on the New England Colonies, students learned all about life in a Puritan community.  The class learned about how Puritans took their religion very seriously (citizens could be put in the stocks for missing church!), and how Puritan schools were very different from the schools of today.

At the conclusion of the unit, students pretended to be reporters for a fictional newspaper called The Puritan Post.  Their job was to take what they had learned and write an article about an event that could have happened in the community.  Samantha hosts this broadcast as some of the students share their articles.  Enjoy!

  • "Another Puritan is Accused"
    By Gabriella

  • "A Fiery Sermon"
    By Haley

  • "Trouble in School for Billy Brown"
    By Ben

  • "Church is Awakened"
    By Megan

  • "School Trouble"
    By Quentin

  • "Too Much Talking"
    By Kimberly

  • "Brian's Bad Day"
    By Jeremiah

Learn more about the Puritans by reading the notes we took in class!

12 minutes 27 seconds

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Right-click (Control-click for Mac users) on your preferred format, and then select "Save Target As..."

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