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Amazing America
Fascinating Facts About the United States of America

An Enhanced Podcast
Posted March 23, 2007

Want to learn some amazing facts about the United States?  If so, you've come to the right place.  In this broadcast, students share some of the interesting information they found while writing their state reports.   Ever wondered where Johnny Depp was born, or which state annually makes the world's largest enchilada?  Listen to ColeyCast #16 and find out!  While this broadcast is a bit longer than our others, we think it will be well worth your time.  Enjoy!

Segment Listing

  • Maryland by Gabriella

  • Montana by Madalynn

  • Ohio by Quentin

  • Georgia by Sarah

  • Utah by Joey A.

  • New Jersey by Stephanie

  • Florida by Jonathan

  • Tennessee by Shayna

  • Wisconsin by Mitchell

  • New York by Brennon

  • Oklahoma by Thomas

  • Michigan by Haley

  • Hawaii by Megan

  • Minnesota by Brandon

  • Illinois by Nick

  • Colorado by Andrew

  • Texas by Austin

  • Washington by Brittnie

  • Massachusetts by Shelby

  • Nebraska by J.C.

  • Pennsylvania by Ben

  • Arkansas by Mikaela

  • Arizona by Shawn

  • Alaska by Samantha

  • Nevada by Jacob

  • Maine by Christine

  • New Mexico by Joey R.

  • Kentucky by Malia

  • Virginia by Preston

Want to learn more amazing facts?  Click here!


20 minutes 4 seconds

Background Piano:
White by Kevin MacLeod

Download Instructions:
Right-click (Control-click for Mac users) on your preferred format, and then select "Save Target As..."

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